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Wall solutions

Acoustic panels

High performance, multifunctional acoustic panels, upholstered with an acoustically transparent polyester fabric

Geometric elements

Repeating geometric shapes made from a variety of acoustic materials.

Concept walls

Textured, 3D and grooved wall panels allow for full custmization of every space.

Ceiling solutions

Acoustic panels

Installed suspended or flush mounted to the ceiling

Installed vertically, individually or modular

Acoustic baffles

Standard and custom ceiling modules with 3D effects

Modular ensembles

Acoustic ceiling grids

Installed individually or spanning the whole ceiling


Changing the face of
acoustics in interior design.

Revitalize your interior designs with our exclusive array of acoustic panel shapes—transforming spaces with style and innovation!


Open spaces

As our work environments evolve, employees require a quiet and comfortable place to concentrate. Our panels are created to be effective sound absorbers, which reduces noise distractions and promotes productivity. 

Conference rooms

Acoustic quality in conference rooms is crucial for enhancing speech intelligibility and ensuring effective conference calls. Good acoustics can greatly impact communication, productivity, and the overall experience in several key ways.



Offices often handle sensitive conversations and information. Proper acoustics help to contain* sound within the office, preventing confidential discussions from being overheard and ensuring compliance with privacy regulations.

Clear communication between teachers and students is fundamental. Good acoustics ensure that the teacher's voice is heard clearly by all students, irrespective of where they are seated in the classroom.


Common areas

The importance of acoustics in gymnasiums is substantial, as these spaces are often used for a wide variety of activities, including sports, assemblies, and community events. Effective acoustic design in gymnasiums enhances the experience and usability of these multi-functional spaces in several crucial ways.

Acoustics play a vital role in the design and functionality of common areas such as lobbies, hallways, cafeterias, and open office spaces. These areas are hubs of activity and interaction, and effective acoustic management can significantly improve the user experience and functionality of these spaces.

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